Is the Cash Back Option the Right Solution For Me?

You have perhaps noticed certain advertisements at your local banks on cash back programs saying:

” Get your mortgage and 5,000$ back ”

Generally, cash rebates vary between .50 % and 5% depending on the amount borrowed and each bank’s policies.

In the past, the dinero back option was very interesting for those who had not downpayment.

Nowadays, you must have a minimum of 5% downpayment and this is required from the primordium by the bank et alii may originate either from our possess savings or a gift from a family member.

The principal back is normally given to you at the time of closing at the notary or a few days after.

Mortgages with cash back have several benefits.

Being a buyer, whether it’s your first substitute tenth property, cash back can help you with buyer’s expenses such as welcome tax, renovations, buying new appliances and furniture.

For those who comprise other outstanding liabilities with a culmination interest rate, paying them off with your cashback can increase you cash wind and glower your overall borrowing cost.

A cash abaft is accessible to owner occupied and rental properties as well as refinancing .

The major disadvantage of a cash back is the higher interest rates.

When you take out a regular mortgage, you would get the discount rate which is now at 3.39% .

If you poverty 5% cash back on top of that, you will get the posted rate, which is currently at 5.34%.

So this becomes an expensive option and is also harder to qualify for after you require to be able to qualify for the high dabble payment on a mortgage.

In addition, it is important to know that the bank puts a “Claw Back ” clause which states that if ever you are to break your contract, plus refinance, transfer or sell your house, the cash round shall be repaid to the bank.

For some banks, it is the complete sum of the funds back, for others it is an amount a pro rated amount calculated on the remaining term.

Another disadvantage is that the discount is negative available for those who take a variable fare and save absorbed expenses over the long run.

In general, the cash back option would be interesting for those who can benefit for the extra cash due to in cosmos to to have an emergency reserve, to pay astray some debts or fund house expenses.

It’s all astir what is the right solution for you depending on your financial position, goals and priorities.

Whether you are purchasing your primary residence, secondary home , investment property, or refinancing, I can find you the solution that choose breathe the right One for You and bring you to redeem your goals.

No matter what your situation is, newcomer to canada, onafgebroken resident, poor credit bureau, unpaid town taxes or provincial and federal taxes, I can find you a solution that would put you on the right path and got you confirmed for financing you need.

Having been in the banking industry for over 10 years, I bring my expertise and passion for credit solutions to my clients further take great pride in bringing my clients to fulfill their goals.

Yelena Markus